Programmer Dvorak

The Programmer Dvorak keyboard can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded and installed, you will need to set it as an input method. Navigate to ‘Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language’ and click ‘Options’ on the right side of your currently selected language (chances are, you will only see English). From the options page, click ‘Add an Input Method’, choose Programmer Dvorak, and click ‘Add’.

If we want Windows to use Programmer Dvorak by default, there are a few extra steps. Navigate back to ‘Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language’. Click ‘Advanced Settings’ on the left hand side. Under ‘Override for default input method’, choose Programmer Dvorak and click ‘Save’. Now, go up one directory to ‘Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region’ and click ‘Region’. This will open up the Region popup window. Under the administrative tab, click ‘Copy Settings’. From here you can apply your current account settings to the Welcome Screen and/or any new user accounts. Check ‘Welcome screen and system accounts’ and then click ‘OK’. Windows will now use Programmer Dvorak on the Welcome Screen and system accounts as well as your personal account!